Tuesday, January 2, 2007


See comments for puzzle solve.


konamouse said...

"formula" is flashed a few times in the beginning of the video.

Use "formula" as a key code on the vanishingpointgame.com site.

You get this picture:

Trace the numbers of the same colors (in order) and you get various letters.

They anagram to "manifesto".


Builders build. Writers write. Dancers dance.

I disappear.

In a few weeks, I will vanish. In the meantime, my job is to find—and reward—some of the cleverest people on the planet. Every week I will leave you twelve puzzles, ranging from easy to.....well, not so easy. Solving them earns you the chance to win some unbelievable prizes.

Impress me. This has been but a small taste of what I have in store for you. The real challenge starts both online and off when the countdown hits zero and the game begins.

Remember, countdowns usually end with a launch, and this will be a lift-off like the world has never seen.

keith said...

Yay! So this was a very easy thing to figure out in the chat room, thanks a lot to kona, krystyn, and Bethling mostly :D

Nice blog kona!