Sunday, January 28, 2007

Someone stole toys from Derek

And one of the items was shipped to me.

Inside the box was a piece of paper with a puzzle.

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konamouse said...

Turns out that this was from a group of toys stolen from Derek by his roommate's estranged (hiding out) father aka "cryptidtruth".

Throughout these past two months, Matt has posted old papers and memos and photos from his Grandfather here:

Cryptidtruth, Matt's father, led us to find out the truth about Dr. Genero and his evil experiments. Innocent lives were lost along the way...and those maybe not so innocent but they still didn't deserve to die.

SunYi's (
parents were killed just a few days ago:

Amie ( devistated at the news her boyfriend, Jon Paine was also a victim (who is Painted Soul - was it Genero himself or one of his lackeys; and then who is Scott Johnston?

In the end, crypidtruth destroyed the lab in Korea - and hopefully Dr. Genero with it.